My Reviews for this week releases.

1) Airlift – Directed by Raja Menon
(+) points – Based on a real untold story. Fine performance by Akshay Kumar. Climax gives us the feeling to be a proud Indian. It’s a perfect release for pre republic.
(-) points – Poor screenplay. Uninspiring dialogues. Major army character looks fake. Lacks the thrilling effect. Action scenes could’ve been better. No hit numbers. Many scenes were repetitive which creates boredom. Lacks patriotism. Alike to a  documentary film, may find it difficult to sustain at the box office after the weekend.
Rating: 2.5/5

2)Kyaa Kool hai hum 3 – Directed by Umesh Ghagde
(+) points – Sequel title. For front benchers, there’s heavy doses of sex, sizzling girls and double meaning dialogues.
(-) points – Very poor story, screenplay and dialogues. Pathetic acting by the entire film cast (Aftab, Tushaar Kapoor,  Mandana Karimi, Meghna Naidu). No hit songs.
Due to heavy doses of adult humor, film might do well in single screens.
Ratings: 1/ 5

3) Jugni – Directed by Shefali Bhushan
There’s too much punjabi talks happening. Inspite of Big names attached to the film (A.R.Rehman, Vishal Bhardwaj, Rah Fateh Ali Khan), the film might just go largely unnoticed and will prove to be a disaster at the box office.
Rating: 1/5

By Narendra Gupta.

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